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Photographing Waterfalls

The Jeep Geek is far from a professional photographer, however he does enjoy capturing the scenes he encounters out in the bush so that he can share the majesty of God and His creation with his readers. If you are wondering if all this is some plot to get you to make decisions…yes, of course it is…get out on the trails and see all this and become inspired.

While this is not a photography website per se. No site that talks about the great outdoors is complete without some discussion of photography technique. This article focusing on specific techniques for capturing dramatic images of waterfalls. These techniques wouldn’t work for wildlife, flowers, or landscapes, but during a recent trip to Ouray, The Jeep Geek tried these techniques and was pleased with the results.

First, equipment needed to do this:

1. A DSLR camera (a point and shoot won’t allow for the adjustments to get images like this)
2. A tripod (you won’t be able to hold a camera with your hands using the long exposure times to get this to work)
3. A polarizing filter (water reflects light and a circular polarizing filter will allow you to adjust reflection for some effects)
4. Neutral Density filters are an option…while The Jeep Geek didn’t use any, the lack of these filters required him to shoot only in shaded areas.

The Secret is to stop the aperture to it’s smallest setting…in this case f22. This increases the depth of field allowing everything in the shot to be in clear focus. Then with the camera on a tripod hold the shutter open for several seconds. By holding the shutter open, any movement is blurred. In this case, the water flowing down the water fall will blur and produce a cotton candy like effect, while the rocks and plants will be clear.

Rotating the polarizing filter allows for different effects from the same position. Take a bunch of shots from the same position varying the filters and the shutter speed to get different effects.

Photography is about exposure, composition and experimentation. So enjoy these shots and let The Jeep Geek know what you think.
As always, The Geek abides




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