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Feb 2012

Gone Fishin'

The Jeep Geek is eagerly waiting for warmer weather. He is not into the cold and, he and one other guy are the only two people in Colorado who don’t ski. The fellow in the picture certainly has earned The Jeep Geek’s admiration. That beauty will warm his heart as he enjoys his catch for a great dinner. Wonder if he would be willing to invite over The Jeep Geek...he does love salmon.

So what is The Jeep Geek to do other than wait for warmer weather? He could go ice fishing. (Probably not.) Here in Colorado there is a large community of ice fisherman who go out this time of year and their spartan lifestyle is rewarded with Salmon, Trout, Mackerel, and some other sundry species. For those of you in Colorado, a great website for learning what is biting is They have reports year around about what is biting, and how folks are catching them.

Another worthwhile source of information is the booklet “Fishing Close to Home” that is produced by the Colorado Department of Fish and Wildlife. This book won’t tell you what is biting, but it will tell you what is stocked in various lakes and streams. This is useful since if it isn’t swimming, it isn’t biting.

As a side note, fishing licenses are due for renewal on April 1st. So plan ahead.

The Jeep Geek is often asked what his favorite type of fishing is. He loves all types, but his favorite is fishing a slow moving stream when the weather is warm...a shady spot to sit, and a long cane pole with worms and a bobber. Not a lot of skill is required, but this is the picture of relaxing while catching dinner. Not a problem if the fish aren’t biting...they will eventually get hungry and The Jeep Geek will eventually have some pan fish to fry. Together with camp stove cornbread, some bacon wrapped scallops, and some juicy watermelon a feast finer than served to any king. That’s living.

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