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Jan 2013

The Jeep Patriot and Compass

The Jeep Geek is not sure why these great Jeep vehicles don’t get the market respect that they deserve. They are the perfect solution for folks who are looking to get into a 4 wheel drive SUV but have budget limitations. The fuel economy approaches 30 MPG and they use regular grade of gas. The pricing is in the low to mid $20K depending on equipment and options. The rebates are great right now and this might just be the solution for a small family, young drivers or those on a fixed income.

In addition to saving money on fuel, these are also the #3 and #4 cheapest vehicles to insure. Some of The Jeep Geek’s customers report saving up to $40 per month on insurance. These top IIHS safety picks are going to go a long way toward protecting the most precious cargo in the vehicle...the people inside. They have the same high tech lightweight roll cages you find only in Mercedes and BMWs. This allows us to put more weight lower in the vehicle such as suspension which will survive both off-road rigors as well as Colorado pot holes and the occasional brushes with curbs know who you are.

Jeep as a brand is the most reliable American brand and the Patriot is the most reliable model in Jeep’s lineup. The Compass is the same vehicle with just a different body shape. Speaking about reliability, the Jeep is the #3 lowest cost to maintain brand on the road today...all in all these mean that these are among the very low Total Cost of Ownership vehicles that are available. In fact Edmunds lists the Patriot as the lowest Total Cost of Ownership SUV on the road...the Compass is right behind it.

So, most buyers focus on the monthly payment of the vehicle...what they should be focused on is The Total Cost of Ownership...that amount of money that has to be paid out each month to actually own and operate the vehicle...these units stand out in that category.

As far as ease of driving, these SUVs rock. They handle more like a sedan, easy to park and have very good visibility so they are perfect for both new drivers and those who are new to SUVs. The peppy 2.4L engine combined with the Continuously Variable automatic transmission make these a dream in the mountains. You will never be caught between gears as happens with fixed ratio transmissions. The engine produces 172 HP so they have the power of a 6 cylinder engine with the fuel economy of a 4.

As always, The Geek abides.