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Jul 2011

State of Yo

Today The Jeep Geek was able to achieve a heightened state of Yo. He remembers watching the Smothers Brothers comedy routine featuring the YoYo Man. Hilarious. Tommy would achieve a heightened state of Yo and perform amazing yoyo stunts, all while cutting up with brother Dick. Good times.

The Jeep Geek’s heightened state of Yo has nothing to do with yoyos. Since the hard top came off the Hummer Recovery Vehicle and the soft top was placed on, it has rained every afternoon here in Colorado. The Jeep Geek has been wanting the top down and the doors off so badly that he has actually been quite the bear this last 6 weeks. Finally a two day break in the monsoon pattern is here, the top is down, the doors are off, and all is good in the world. He is in a state of Yo!!! or something like that.

The Jeep Geek finds himself laughing at the suburban wild life again, small children are charming again, and he is winking at the ladies at the local is good. What has released these long pent up emotions? Freedom. Like those involved in the Arab Spring, he has attained his freedom from the humdrum. The Sun is warming his bronzed skin, the wind is blowing his blond locks, life is good (oh yeah...he said that already).

So what is involved in taking the doors off you might ask? Well 4 things:

  • His kids are grown so no concerns that a youngster will fall out as he is screaming down the streets surrounding Boulder.
  • Rear view mirrors have to be relocated...there is a kit for this, but the law requires two rear view mirrors on a motor vehicle to make it street legal. One is located on the windshield the other is mounted to the “A” frame by the door opening.
  • Disconnect the electrical cable to the door. This contains the power for windows, door locks, power mirrors (in 2011 and on) and the door open sensor. In the old days, when a Jeeper took his door off, he had to use a bull dog clip to “defeat” the door open sensor to shut off the overhead light. The JK’s have that sensor run through this cable so it just has to be disconnected...quick release connector is located down in the foot well of the Jeep.
  • Remove the bolt heads that are below the’s the black thing at the bottom of the hinge. Use a Torx T-50 wrench to remove this. In fact The Jeep Geek has never replaced these so he doesn’t have to remove and re-attach these after the first time.

Over the last three years, there has been a build up of gunk in the hinge. Gunk being a technical term for the dried oils, metal shavings, and road dirt that has entered into the hinge and caked itself on the hinge pins. This made the doors especially hard to remove today...but The Jeep Geek just asserted himself and was able to break them loose. This weekend he will take some light machine oil and some de-greaser and clean and lubricate these parts so they will release a bit easier for the remainder of the season.

The Jeep Wrangler is all about having fun. Mrs. Geek thinks that The Jeep Geek is having his second childhood...The Jeep Geek knows it is still the first childhood...latest manifestation. If you are into fun to drive, fun to play in, fun to off-road in, just all around fun, then consider the Jeep Wrangler.

It always puzzled The Jeep Geek at the number of people who traded BMWs, Corvettes, Harley Davidsons, Mini Coopers, and the like in on Jeep Wranglers. There is no similarity in how they drive...but he has decided that there is one similarity...they are fun. Jeep owners are a fun loving crowd.

Let your inner YoYo man out...take the doors off and drop the top and get out and have some fun.