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Jun 2012

New Gear for Off-Road

The Jeep Geek is rocking some new off-road gear. Not what you are expecting...

Several of The Jeep Geek’s customers are professional nature photographers. They have been gripping about the quality of the photographs on this The Jeep Geek has been shamed into upgrading his photo gear. He has been using a small point-and-shoot Sony that fit comfortably into a shirt pocket. Sometimes he has used the camera that was built into his iPhone. But the point was taken, if you are out in some of the most beautiful countryside on the planet, why use a crummy camera.

Last week The Jeep Geek spent most of the family fortune on a new DSLR Nikon D5100 with two telephoto lenses and a bunch of other equipment...filters, remote trigger, tripod and the such. He used it on the last trip to Yankee Hill and some of the pictures are now on the lifestyle section of this site. They are much nicer than the other pictures and he is generally very pleased with the results. Now, more time photographing his adventures.

This new camera also shoots videos in HD, so there will be some off-road movies coming soon. Mrs. Geek has claimed ownership of the old point-and-shoot, but still needs to learn how to shoot with this new camera. This will represent a challenge for The Jeep Geek. Lots of adjustments are possible, and there are many more knobs and buttons to deal with...kinda like the new Wranglers...more knobs and adjustments.

let us know what you think of the quality will improve as he learns to use this new equipment.

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