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May 2011

Spring has Sprung

The temperature has warmed, school is coming to a close in a few weeks, The Jeep Geek saw the first Robin of the year two days ago, it all means it is Spring in the Rocky Mountains. While we are facing a couple more months before the Jeep trails open fully, our minds wander to such outdoor activities as fishing. Yes, the fish are biting and a fresh caught trout in the broiler is surely a taste treat for The Jeep Geek’s family.

The Jeep Geek has memories of fun fishing trips with his father, and even some memories of taking his daughters fishing. As they come flooding back, the emotions run high. That is the way it is with distractions, just family bonding and great fun. Nothing can bond a father and son together better than a fishing trip. Treasured memories for a lifetime will be created... guaranteed.

For example, when The Jeep Geek was just a lad of 12 his father returned from the Vietnam war. To celebrate The Jeep Geek and his father (the Colonel) took a week long fishing trip to Michigan (where the Colonel was raised). A week at a cabin right on Lake Chippawa complete with their own boat. On the way up, the guys stopped at a bait shop and general store and loaded up. Worms, lures, fresh line for the poles, bobbers, hooks...the lot. Fresh green tomatoes were purchased as well as general cooking flour for breading the tomatoes and the fish we were going to for the Colonel and soda for The Jeep Geek were also purchased. Then it was off to the cabin.

First day was sunny and the deal of the century was struck. The Colonel offered to cook the fish, if The Jeep Geek would clean them. The Jeep Geek still thinks he got the short end of that deal, but 12 year olds are easily taken advantage of. That evening they sat in the cabin eating fried green tomatoes, fried Blue Gill, and they played Stratego (a chess like board game).

The guys lost a couple of days of fishing to rain, but most of the days were spent fishing out on the lake, and playing games at night while enjoying their catch. The Colonel had to make several supply runs to the general store to get more green tomatoes...and probably beer.

The Colonel has passed away, The Jeep Geek is much older, but those days will stay with him forever. He can still taste the fish and fried green tomatoes...even though he has never eaten green tomatoes since...just wouldn’t be the same. Great times.

Some years back, The Jeep Geek took his family camping along side a different lake, in a different part of the country. The Jeep Geek’s middle daughter (The Chic Geek) was about 5 years old. The family pitched camp and then headed to the banks of the lake to get in some fishing before nightfall. The Jeep Geek and his three daughters...4 rods and reels...4 hooks to bait. His girls would not touch the bait or any fish they caught. The Jeep Geek never got to get his line wet that afternoon. His time was spent untangling line, baiting hooks and removing the occasional fish.

At 5, The Chic Geek was a bundle of motion. Never still. The Jeep Geek would have bet (and lost as it turns out) that no fish would bite on the line connected to The Chic Geek.

At one point, when all the hooks were re-baited for the umpteenth time, and The Jeep Geek was trying to ready his own line, he noticed that there were only two bobbers visible. “Chic Geek...Where is your bobber? I don’t know daddy.” It should be stated for the record that they were trying to catch some Brim, just to give the kids a real expectations. So The Jeep Geek dropped his line (again) and moved over to The Chic Geek’s line and pulled up to set the hook. He had a fight on his hand. A few minutes later he landed a 3 to 4 lb large mouth bass. Largest catch of the weekend...hooked by the wiggly 5 year old...he just couldn’t imagine that a fish as cunning as a bass would hit that hook.

That bass sure tasted great as they fried it that night along with the few brim that they caught. The Chic Geek was beaming all during dinner as they all enjoyed her catch. Good times!

Memories are great things. They (to a great extent) define us and our relationships. The Jeep Geek recommends that any Jeeper build those wonderful family memories by getting out into nature...and catch some fish in the process.