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Nov 2011

The New Hummer Recovery Vehicle

Well, The Jeep Geek is ecstatic now that the new Hummer Recovery Vehicle is in. This is a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon to replace the 2008 which is now sold. (It sold within 24 hours.) The new Rubicon is everything that The Jeep Geek had hoped.

Changes for 2012 include the new Pentastar 3.6L V6 engine developing 285 Hp and 260Ft/lbs of torque. This is exactly what the Wrangler has needed all along. In addition, the 5 speed automatic transmission makes the hill climbs much more enjoyable. Now on I-70 The Jeep Geek can maintain highway speed without being stuck between gears...lugging in a high gear or listening to the engine race in a lower gear. Very nice!!

Some impressions after one week of driving this Jeep.

First, The Jeep Geek is surprised at how much smoother and quieter the drive line is. The old 3.8L push rod engine did generate more noise (not throaty exhaust notes) than the new overhead cam engine, but also seemed to vibrate more. The new Jeep is just dead quiet...hard to believe in a Wrangler.

Engine power is significantly improved. There is now almost enough power to get into trouble on the road...The Jeep Geek has had to back off the throttle a bit in a few circumstances. This is not Hemi levels of power, but The Jeep Geek is sure that this engine will reduce the size of the Hemi Conversion market. The incremental power (that the Hemi provides )may not be worth the $20K (over the new Pentastar powered Wrangler) and warranty issues any more.

Compared to the 2008 the new Wrangler interior is much nicer. Arm rests on the door and higher center console enable The Jeep Geek to rest his elbows when driving on the road. The seats seem to be a bit more comfortable, and the all black interior is visually nicer contrasting with the Bright White exterior of the new Hummer Recovery Vehicle. The addition of a tray above the radio on the dash also provides a place to put a handheld radio for the trail, pens, paper, coins, various bits of stuff that all seem to collect in their travels.

Finally, The Jeep Geek is loving the new electronics. While the 2008 had the Media Center 730N radio, the new one has the same 730N, but it is not the same. The addition of Bluetooth and a USB port for the iPhone makes this a significant upgrade. Not only can The Jeep Geek answer phone calls in the Wrangler, but he can stream music from his iPhone wirelessly...right from his pocket. Now his entire collection of old cowboy songs is available for enjoyment by all who ride with him. An update to the radio now supports the iPhone 4. Some may have read on the forums that Chrysler doesn’t support the iPhone’s Bluetooth...not true, it works great and the iPhone 4 is on the official list of supported devices at

The Jeep Geek has not had a chance to get this new Beast off-road yet. Probably won’t happen here in Colorado until the spring, but might just be worth a road trip to Arizona to check this out.