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Sep 2011

New Web Site

Welcome to the New Site layout for The jeep Geek’s Blog. This has been a long time coming and The Jeep Geek is pleased that his new website is more Web 2.0 compliant. This update has occupied many hours to bring into being.

By clicking on categories you can view articles that contain that subject...should make wading through all this much easier. Also, there is a section where The Jeep Geek can post more pictures of his (and his friends) off road adventures. All in all, hopefully a better overall experience.

Hopefully, if all has gone well, you can also leave comments on each of the Blog articles. This is functionality that The Jeep Geek has been wanting to get for some time...He’d truly love to make this a more interactive discussion. Just click the comment link below each blog entry and let me know what you think.

The Jeep Geek will be adding more features and content now that the major part of the design and software work is done...whew!!

Then off to some more changes that are planned podcasts, and videos that will prove entertaining...once The Jeep Geek figures out how to make all that work on his site.


The HRV is For Sale

OK...The Jeep Geek wasn’t supposed to write another article in this format. He is working on the new Jeep Geek website...lots of work. However, this is important so he took a break to jot some of his thoughts down.

Recently the 2012 Wranglers have arrived, with the new Pentastar engine. The Jeep Geek drove a few of these and his life was suddenly made more complicated. The lease on the Hummer Recovery Vehicle is up at the end of October. His plan was to purchase it and then begin his build know...lift, tires, wheels, bumpers, armor, all that stuff that has been discussed all this time. However, the new engine has changed those plans.

The new Wrangler has another ~90 horsepower and lots more torque. It is married to a 5 speed automatic transmission which will allow this to perform well on mountain highways...always the weak point for the JK series Wranglers. Something else...this thing is even quieter than the pre-2012 Wranglers. So what is The Jeep Geek to do, other than order a new 2012 Wrangler and sell the Hummer Recovery Vehicle.

This delays The Jeep Geek’s dream buildout by another 3 years, but allows for the build to occur on a much stronger platform. Overall a more satisfying proposition.

The new HRV II (Hummer Recovery Vehicle II) will be a white 2 door Rubicon, 4.10 axle ratios (now optional in 2012) Dual Top, 730N Nav Radio, Connectivity group (since The Jeep Geek likes to stay connected), power convenience group, Automatic transmission (he prefers automatic for rock crawling), and remote start...for those cold mornings here in the Rockies.

This brings us all the way back to the title of this article. The Hummer Recovery Vehicle is for sale. If you are interested, use the contact us tab and The Jeep Geek will send you specifics.