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A New Jeep Pickup Truck JK8

Some of The Jeep Geek’s readers may be aware of the JK8 Pickup truck built on a wrangler unlimited platform. We have our first one here after 3 long months. The Jeep Geek saw the Mopar announcement that a conversion kit was available and ordered one for Pollard Jeep on the first day. The kit took a little over a month to get here, and about as long at a local body shop to be installed on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

It should be noted that it would not normally take 45 to 60 days to implement the JK8, but the body shop we chose used it as fill work when their shop was not busy, probably should take about a week to implement.

Enough about that, looks cool. The rear seat is lost, a smaller cabin gives way to an actual pickup truck bed. The rear gate and bumper are retained, so it has not lost any off-road capability due to a longer backend (reduced angle of departure). The Jeep Geek is also expecting a pickup truck modification from AEV in the near future, it will be interesting to see how they compare.

The Jeep Geek sat for a while enjoying this pickup truck and thought about its evolution from earlier Jeep pickup trucks. Jeep certainly has a history of producing them...maybe not as storied as the Ram pickups that other Chrysler stores sell, but a history still. The Jeep Geek discovered an interesting iPad app that provides an interesting history of Jeep and will use it to regale you now.

History of Jeep Pickup Trucks:

The Jeep Geek makes no representation of the completeness of this history, there may be some models that are not mentioned...if you are aware of some omissions, please add them through the comments section.

1947 to 1965 Willy’s Overland truck

This is the first Jeep Pickup truck based on the CJ platform, but with a longer wheelbase (118”). It had the same engine as the short wheelbase Jeep and was available in several configurations...pickup truck, stake bed, or bare chassis. They were available in either 2wd or 4 wd and were marketed to the modern farmer. The Jeep Geek guesses that modern farmer refers to any farmer at the time that didn’t plow with a horse.

During the next decade Jeep had two pickup models, the Willy’s Overland pictured above, and the new FC-150

1950s FC-150

The Forward Control Series were the next evolution. Remarkable design that was built on the CJ frame made this little beast more maneuverable and the low bed made loading and unloading easier. Both 4 and 6 cylinder models were available. “More cargo space on shorter wheelbase and it goes anywhere.” is how it was marketed. The unique cab forward design enabled this claim. This design makes it look different to any Jeep of the era.


1960s J-3000 Jeep Gladiator Truck

In 1962 Jeep totally redesigned the truck to look more like a traditional truck. We lost the 7 slot grille in the process. Go figure. They were still Jeep tough and resembled the Jeep Grand Wagoneer that would soon appear.


1980s Jeep Comanche MJ

This is the last pickup produced by Jeep. It was built on the Cherokee (XJ) platform and is unique in that it sports a unibody. This is the pickup that most Jeepers remember when they ask for a Jeep pickup.


So The Jeep Geek hopes that you enjoyed this little jaunt through Jeep’s pickup truck history. Now, enjoy the new Jeep JK8 pickup that can be built at your local Jeep store. The Jeep Geek would be happy to build one for you.