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Mushrooms Mountain Goats and Mud


The Jeep Geek and the Y-Hike crew went up Mount McClellan this weekend and encountered a bunch of Mushrooms, Mountain Goats and Mud. What a wonderful trip. As we were photographing these mushrooms, Danny Tomlinson (The Jeep Geek’s staff historian) pronounced these as Angel of Death mushrooms…sounds yummy.

After some research, The Jeep Geek is not sure. Some Web resources call these Fly Agaric…in which case they are psychoactive and mildly toxic. Either way, not something to be ingested. If they are the Angel of Death mushrooms, one cap will kill a man in just a few days. They will cause liver and kidney failure.

After extensive research, The Jeep Geek has concluded that every non-poisonous mushroom has a poisonous variety that looks just like it. So he is going to stick with Safeway as the place to get his safe mushrooms.


Pretty little things though. The Jeep Geek wonders if these mushrooms were the inspiration for Disney’s toadstools in Alice in Wonderland.

The group then moves on up the mountain to the top of Mt. McClellan. While enjoying the view we see this guy. A fully mature mountain goat walking around the rocks.


He is clearly the king of the mountain. Just looking at The Jeep Geek and daring him to come over to this rocky ledge…no thanks.

Rain clouds with a bit of thunder and lightening cause the group to leave the mountain top and seek safer ground below the tree line. The trail is moderately easy, but narrow in a few places so not for Hummers or Pickup Trucks.

The Jeep Geek hopes you get off-road here in Colorado and see some of these great views…breath taking.

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