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The Jeep Geek is a 5 star certified 4x4 specialist who is passionate about all things Jeep. He lives just outside of beautiful Boulder Colorado (Jeep Country) in the Geek Bunker which is a combination of Superman's Fortress of Solitude, the Bat Cave and a cigar bar.

The vision for this site comes from The jeep Geek's desire to share the fun of Jeeping with the growing community of jeepers throughout the United States. There are many of you out there that may want a place to hang out and learn about all things Jeep from equipment, technique, and the trails that exist thoughout our country. The jeep Geek will have his friends contribute their expertise as well as dive in himself where possible.

So sit back, buckle up your 5 point harness and begin exploring this site...after all, exploring is what Jeeping is all about.

The Jeep Geek has left the Jeep store where he worked for a number of years. He is back in Technology marketing and loving it. If you want assistance in selecting a new Jeep, or just some advise in outfitting your Jeep, drop him a line and he is happy to help, including putting you in touch with someone at his old Jeep store who will treat you fairly…just as he has done for all his customers. Just use the comment section of this site and he'll respond to you.
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The Jeep Geek helps many of his customers build the jeeps of their dreams
The Jeep Geek's own ride..."The Hummer Recovery Vehicle
Barlow's Premium Cigars and Pipes
The Jeep Geek can be found at Barlows often when he is not at the Pollard Jeep Store where he works. Stop by and consult with him and enjoy a fine cigar.

They are located in Lafayette Colorado at the corner of 95th street and Arapahoe Road
Y-Hike Off-road Club
A few of The Jeep Geek's friends (and he) have started an off-road club. This intrepid group meets on Sundays and explores some of the most beautiful countryside in Colorado. Come see what we are doing and let us know if you would like to join us.

We are not into extreme trails, just want to see nature in all of its glory.
American Expedition Vehicles
The Jeep Geek has long been a fan of AEV accessories and modifications for Wranglers. Recently he has become a distributor for this high quality off-road equipment supplier.

Many of his recent conversions have included AEV parts.