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The Jeep lifestyle is basically an outdoor lifestyle...duh. Maybe you are an outdoors person, or just want to be if you can ever get some time off. In either case, Jeeping is about going off the beaten trail with friends and having fun outdoors. This is a picture taken by a spot that The Jeep Geek and some of his friends like to go to barbeque, drink beer in moderation, smoke some cigars and just sit back and listen to the nearby river go by. When the stresses of the week start to take their toll, this spot is about 45 minutes away and is sure to wash the stress away...the roar of the river, the beauty of nature and the company of good friends helps The Jeep Geek (and Mrs. Geek) regain perspective.

Some Jeep trails around don't relieve stress for The Jeep Geek...they are so hairy that they actually increase stress...but they are fun never-the-less. This spot is tranquil.

What The Jeep Geek likes about this particular picture is that it shows how life is so tenacious that regardless of conditions it will overcome any obstacles. A life lesson worth learning. In this case, the tree seed blew onto a rock and fell into a small crack where it germinated. There it grew, not in soil, but in rock that only had some small amount of dirt that blows into that crack. With time, the crack has enlarged, but not enough to allow the tree to thrive...but enough to allow it to survive. Life endures. The result of the hardship that this tree has endured is a beautiful picture, a tree and a rock that are joined.
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