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August 2011 trip from Idaho Springs, through Central City, over Yankee Hill and ending at the foot of Saint Mary's Glaicer in Alice
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The trip today begins in Idaho Springs where we take breakfast and run a back road to Central City. This picture is of an old mining tail that still stands. This was silver mining country and is loaded with some old ghost towns
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The Jeep Geek and Mrs. Geek at a scenic overlook of Central City. The old Cemetery is in the background. Great weather today, good friends and some great opportunities to get some wildflower pictures. Just behind the happy couple are a few old mining tailings.
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While this is a little late in the season, the wildflowers are still in bloom
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Still a lot of colors out here.
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In another few weeks, these stands of Aspens should change to fall colors and the hills will be a brilliant blaze of reds and yellows
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Have you ever seen such a big piece of quartz? Mrs. Geek teaches middle school math and science...this should impress her students when they get to Geology.
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Honey, leave this one on the trail...The Jeep Geek believes in Treading Lightly. He knows the students would be thrilled to see this one in the class...but the Hummer Recovery Vehicle just can't carry this back.
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The old Ghost Town of Yankee. Nothing left but holes in the ground where root cellars once were located under shacks inhabited by the miners.

This was a terrible location for a town...on top of a hill at about 10,000 feet. Man was it cold here in the winter, will all the trees cut down to build mine shafts and these shacks there was nothing to stop the cold winds. Brrrrr.
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The view from near Yankee Hill of Saint Mary's Glacier. In August, some intrepid skiers still are climbing up the glacier and skiing back down.
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The old School House in Alice. Well, ok, its the new school house. Alice was built in 1881 and named after the Alice mine...which was in turn named after the founder's wife Alice Taylor. This was a Gold mine that was played out by 1899 when the town was pretty much abandoned. Alice has seen a bit of a revival when several cabins were renovated and used as summer homes by Denver businessmen. The school house is mostly renovated and is currently used by the local property owners as a community center.
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The real old school house. This was a log cabin that was only used for a year as a school house until the one above was built.