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The Jeep Geek and friends takes a trip to view the Aspens changing color...then scale the top of Mt. McClellan. A wonderful day of Jeeping, friends, food and of course cigars.
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The Trip begins in Georgetown...actually starts with breakfast in Idaho Springs, but the real jeeping starts in Georgetown. After a short stop at the Georgetown Visitor's Center to allow the gals a bathroom break...we ascend to this scenic overlook just at the trailhead.
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There's Gold in them thar hills. For a one to two week period every year the Aspens turn brilliant gold and then drop their leaves. This spectacular view should be observed by anyone living here. Fear will happen again next year...or you can live the experience vicariously through The Jeep Geek.

What you see here are the strands of Aspen near Georgetown. Each streak down the mountain is a single organism with one root system and many trunks that are running down the mountain. Three weeks ago they were hard to spot from this point, but today, they are clear...and beautiful.
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Heading up Guanella Pass to the old Argentine Railroad trail. Danny Tomlinson is in the lead.
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More changing Aspens...can't resist.
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Looks like an old mine shaft along the trail...hidden by the trees til this time of a few weeks, it will be hidden by the snow.
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We have to cross several small streams along the trail...this one actually crosses under the trail...several cross over the trail...the Hummer Recovery vehicle is going to get muddy on this one. Normally The Jeep Geek wouldn't care, but he is trying to sell the Hummer Recovery Vehicle before the new one arrives in two to three weeks. Sigh, another couple of hours of detailing it on Tuesday.
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Starting to leave the tree line behind...altitude is 11,500. Now only shrubs will grow.
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A small cluster of Bristol Pines. Likely to never reproduce here...they only open their cones to release seeds after a forest fire...not going to happen this high up.
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Mrs. Geek almost at the peak of Mt. McClellan. Torry and Grey's peaks are behind her.
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The intrepid group that reached the peak of Mt. McClellan. One more peak conquered. Pictured are: The Jeep Geek, Larry, Danny and Travis (Knelling)(wearing sandals) We are at 13,200 feet. Damn hard to light the cigars...will have to descend to get them to stay lit and enjoy them.
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Only lichen will grow at this altidue.
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We could almost drive to the Peak...we followed the old Argentine Central railroad trail which ended where we parked. This was an old narrow gauge railroad that serviced the mines in the area as well as carried Denver tourists up to the peak for the amazing views. The railroad ran in the early 1900s. During World War II the tracks were pulled up and the iron used for the war effort. Still a nice trail though that is not very difficult and is highly recommended for the views.